Growing old, but not up.


8′ Boat

Not sure if there’s a speed limit on the water, but if there is, this would have violated it. We wanted to test it to make sure it floated and handled well before we fiberglassed the faring (to make it look like a stealth boat). We also hadn’t yet installed the steering system being as this was sort of an “ants in the pants” type of situation. Well it turned out to be faster than we expected. Construction will be beginning shortly on the 2nd iteration of the 8′ hydroplane.

Arcade Cabinet

Difficulty: Low

Project Time: 3-4 hours

Cost: < $350


Every true believer wants to have a proper bartop arcade cabinet in their house so we all decided to build our own. Supplies were gathered, shapes were whisky-eyed, and construction was delegated to our labor-millennial.

Joysticks and buttons

Two-player nostalgia

Get working Tanner